This Year

twin full 72 web

Eight Months with horizontal spacers

lap quilt 72 web

Twelve months with vertical spacers

32 color BAB 12 Big Chev Quilt
8 Months with 32 fabric colors


This year's Buck a Block is the Chevron pattern.  It's easy and very graphic!  You can do lots of things with the chevron theme.  Separate them vertically, as you see in the center picture.  Or horizontally as you see on the left.  On the right, we play with colors.  This version has 32 different fabrics.  The background color stays the same.

Here is how Buck a Block works:


 Sign up and received your Big Chevron project pack.  That has the pattern (with four size variations) and the THANGLES needed to make the quilt.  


Pick up your monthly block fabric kit.  Each kit makes 8 blocks, so the kit cost $8.  (That is the buck a block part....8 blocks for $8, means you pay $1 for each block.)  If you want to make a bigger quilt, you will need to use more that one kit each month.


Assemble your quilt!